Salon B

About Jeanne

The nest is empty, but I still have so much to give!

Hey there! I’m Jeanne Oltman, owner/stylist of Salon B Hair Loft.

A few years ago, after our kids went off to college, I could still feel the tug that something else was out there for me. Having always been the creative type, it didn’t take me long to figure out that attending cosmetology school was the right path for me. I’ve never looked back.

I grew up in a family of stylists; my two aunts and my oldest sister all owned their own salons. The rapport and the bonds they built with their clients over the years was amazing to watch, and I envied how they got to do something they loved every day!

After high school, I took a different path and pursued finance and business while living in Texas. I still look after some personal investments on a part-time basis. My husband’s job brought us to NC a few years ago, and we absolutely love living in such a beautiful and thriving place! It’s just right for us and a place where our 3 adult children enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

I simply love what I do. I am passionate about hair and helping people look and feel their very best!